MPI is proud to support Manitoba communities through sponsorships and contributions of community events and road-safety programs.

This site is intended to optimize the selection process by guiding you in the description of your event, program or project throughout our forms.

  • Each form contains required questions that is designed to assist you in the description of your request.
  • You may save your application to come back to it work on it again before submitting it.
  • Once submitted your application is reviewed by MPI internally and submitted monthly for review.
  • Successful applicants must meet a number of criteria.
  • Please keep in mind a couple important timelines for your submission:
    • No less than 60 days before an event or program request less than $10,000
    • No less than 90 days before an event or program request $10,000 or more

Manitoba Public Insurance does NOT provide funding to the following:

  • national fundraising campaigns (provincial chapters of national organizations may be supported if the money raised is used in Manitoba)
  • capital projects
  • endowment campaigns or projects
  • political, fraternal, labour, racist organizations and initiatives, or religious institutions deemed as places of worship, such as churches, temples, synagogues or mosques
  • individual or commercial pursuits
  • core funding (operational funding) for organizations
  • private companies
  • organizations that have a negative relationship with their employees,  customers, communities or government
  • community club sports teams, including teams that involve employees or employees’ children or other relatives ( donations in-kind of corporate merchandise for school or charity trips may be considered)
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